Welcome to Kinipela Golf Club.

One of the reasons this web site was made was to show the step by step process of building a putting green, tee box, and sod wall bunker. I want people to see what’s involved with building and maintaining a golf hole, bear in mind Kinipela golf club is small so you can appreciate what is involved with maintaining a 18 hole golf course. People see turf managers cutting, watering, fertilizing and think for the most part that’s all they do, when in fact it’s the tip of the mountain. Being out on the course with the golfers I hear all the complaints, the one that upsets the golfer’s the most is when the aerating program for the greens start. Yet it plays such a huge roll on the health of the green, without aerating a green it would suffer from compaction which in turn would effect the air and water movement in the root zone mix, stress would follow, then thinning, discoloration, and decline of the turf, not what you want for a putting surface. I hope this web site will educate and bring a better understanding to the golfer of what a superintendent and the staff have to do to maintain high quality greens. I also want this web site to encourage the people who want to build themselves a putting green. If you have the desire and the passion to build a green, the rewards and fulfillment that you get from completing such a project are awesome. Remember, adversity builds character.

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